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Moon Tornadoe Collage
To Buy | 801-355-ARTS |
Arttix adds a surcharge, which is annoying. But that surcharge helps keep County facilities affordable for organizations like SB Dance. Avoid the highest surcharges by going to any Arttix outlet in person; more expensive by phone; and, strangely, most expensive on the web.

Season Tickets

Support SB Dance by buying the whole season in advance. Get the very best seats plus tickets to every afterparty*. 30% off tickets bought separately.

$120 (Phone only)

Available August 2014

(*Afterparties do not occur after every performance. So if you are not available for Opening Night, for example, you'll miss the party. It's still a great deal and a great cause.)

Discounts and Deals
Strange Angel
Buy 6 or more tickets for you and your pals for a 25% discount that includes afterparty invites

Buy in advance
It's almost 20% cheaper when you buy two weeks early

Special 6-Pack
6 shows from each of the 6 Rose Wagner resident organizations for $66-- a 60% savings. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

Halloween Show

Halloween Show AfterLife AfterParty
$10-$12.50 (Must phone for tickets)

WTF! Wine Theater Food Fund-rager

Strange Beast Studio Bar

The BEaST of SB Dance

New Creation

Cultural Confidential and other special events
Starting at $5

No one will ever be refused a ticket to a show because of an inablity to pay. Please contact us and we'll figure something out.

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