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Moon Tornadoe Collage
To Buy | 801-355-ARTS |
All tickets sold thu Arttix. Run by Salt Lake County, Arttix adds surcharges and surcharges are always annoying. On the other hand, the surcharge helps keep County facilities affordable for organizations like Strange Beast. Avoid the highest surcharges by going to any Arttix outlet in person. The processing surchage is more expensive by phone and, weirdly, most expensive online.

Discounts and Deals
Strange Angel
Buy 6 or more tickets for you and your pals for a 25% discount that includes afterparty invites

Buy Early Bird
It's over 20% cheaper when you buy two weeks early

Special 6-Pack
6 shows from each of the 6 Rose Wagner resident organizations for $66-- a 60% savings. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

The prices below reflect the low and high ranges for each show.
Halloween Show

WTF! Wine Theater Food Fund-rager

Strange Beast Studio Bar

New Creation

Cultural Confidential and other special events
Starting at $5

Season Tickets

SB Dance is not offering season tickets at this time. If you want a season package, please assemble one yourself and buy it thru Arttix. Early Bird purchases can save you 25%.

No one will ever be refused a ticket to a show because of an inablity to pay. Please contact us and we'll figure something out.

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