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At different times throughout the year, SB Dance offers kids summer workshops, adult classes, movement workshops, and professional development workshops for teachers. Read below for what's coming next...

Stage Ratz: Summer Kids Workshop
June 15-26, 2015
Monday-Friday 9am-3pm | Performance Fri June 26th 2pm
Ages 6-11
The McGillis School

Stage Ratz is a 2-week all-day workshop that culminates in a performance. Kids learn the power, wit, and poetry of Shakespeare-- many will absorb this language into their minds forever. Kids also learn dance, song, crafts, and sword fighting for the stage. It is an active and fulfilling day that mixes fun with deep learning.

Whole Game Learning
SB Dance's teaching philosophy is based on project-based learning, something David Perkins calls playing the whole game. Kids learn by doing a project or game—in this case, a mini-show that includes dialogue, staging, props, preparing for an audience, and more. We also believe in the natural intelligence of mixed-age groups where older kids model and younger ones emulate.

More Questions? See FAQs below

EARLY REGISTRATION (before 3/31/15)
$300 for single child / $550 for two children / $800 for three children


$400 per child

• You will receive confirmation of payment and registration forms

1) Non-refundable deposit $50 per child
due by 3/31/15 for early registration price)
2) Pay in full

• Can I register for one week or half-day only?
Unfortunately no because the final performance is a key part of the learning.

• Do we pack a lunch and a snack?

Yes! There is no lunch available at the facility. We also provide a supplemental nut-free, gluten-free snack.

• Can my 5 year old participate?

It really depends on the child. Usually, it’s best if they can read but some kids can learn their lines by hearing them.

• Do I have to help my kids learn their lines?
Yes. Even if they do not completely memorize their lines, it is important to put in the effort. Shakespeare is a special language that helps kids expand their thinking.

• Do my kids have to attend McGills?
No, the workshop is open to everyone.



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