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For summer 2014, we are pleased to present a summer workshop for kids.

We will also be offering professional development workshops for teachers during the kids program (scroll down).

Thinking with Art Workshop for Kids
June 9-20, 2014
Monday-Friday 9am-3pm
Ages 6-13
The McGillis School

$400 early registration
$450 after 3/28
(See payment options below)

Thinking? Art? How do they go together? Isn't art about not thinking?

Au contraire. Art is very much about thinking, but maybe not thinking the way you think of it. Thinking is much more than knowing how to use a formula or shoving an essay into propositional form. Thinking includes connecting, holding purposes flexibly, posing problems, decision making, being sensitive to opportunity, observing, innovating, risk taking, and more. Arts are a good way to learn "social thinking"-- collaboration, speaking, listening, compromising.

Lots of these words are buzzing around in education these days. They get tossed under the heading "21st Century Skills" or "Project Based Learning". But, parents, don't worry too much that your kid isn't ready for the new century. The talk is mainly more BS from the American Educational Industrial Complex.

Here's a secret: thinking skills are taught in ALL excellent arts learning courses. In this respect, ours is no different (how's that for a sales pitch?). But, for the most part, these thinking skills are a hidden agenda, rarely identified explicitly. Our methodology brings thinking out of the closet, naming it and building a learning culture that values thinking and, eventually, leads to kids using thinking routines unconsciously. It is our variation on a method called Visible Thinking.

Kids move, act, sing, do art-science projects, and work together in small and big groups. It's a long but diverse day of arts-based fun (they won't even know they're learning). Guided by SB Dance's expert faculty of professional teacher-artists. Located at the lovely McGillis School near the U of U. Limited to 30 kids.

9am: Greet and Games / Walk and Talk
Morning block: Movement Class and Object Projects
Noon: Lunch and Rhythm games
Afternoon block: Winnie's World of Shakespeare
1pm, June 20th (last day): The Play

Stephen Brown (Director of SB Dance)
As an educator, Stephen's approach links arts learning to the development of cognitive skills. Stephen has taught students of all ages and abilities in almost every setting, from a room of fearless first graders to the wrap-around whiteboards at a college-level think tank.
Carolyn "Winnie" Wood (Associate Director of SB Dance)
Director of the Drama Program at one of the nation's premier prep schools, Wasatch Academy, Winnie has spent her summers producing Shakespeare with kids of mixed ages for the past 10 years.
Corinne Penka
A professional dancer and actor who has worked with numerous local arts groups (including SB Dance), Corinne is an arts teaching specialists who instructs in K-12 throughout the valley.
Natosha Washington
Nathosha is the co-leader of a nonprofit dance group called Raw Moves, a prolific choreographer, and heads the dance program and Northwest Middle School.

REGISTRATION-- PLEASE SUBMIT ASAP and no later than 5/23
Please click here to DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORM and follow directions.

• $50-- A nonrefundable deposit of $50 will hold a single spot until 4/25/14. Deposit is applied to tuition.
• $350-- Save over 10% by paying EARLY. Before 3/28, total cost is $400 ($50 deposit + $350 tuition). After 3/28, total cost will be $450 ($50 deposit + $400 tuition)
• $400-- Pay total amount upfront right now so you don't have to worry about the early payment deadline.

Choose payment option

Thinking with Art: Professional Development Workshop for Teachers
Our professional development workshops center on helping students develop thinking habits and helping teachers establish a classroom culture where thinking is clearly valued. We discuss concepts, provide routines and tools, and use the ongoing kids workshop to observe these methods in action. Our workshops qualify participants for USOE relicensure points and credit.

Available for a single day or multiple days. Noon-4pm. June 16-19. More info coming soon...

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