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Strange Beast Studio Bar

Cultural Confidential

January 2014 Events for SB Dance
Every year in January, we present a sampling of our terrific, terrible and sexy beasts from past shows and current productions. It's a fast and furious taste of SB Dance's humor, athleticism, and originality. Here's what it looked like in 2014...

Strange Beast Studio Bar Wed-Fri | 5pm-11pm | Free
Stop by anytime for a drink. Socialize with pals while you watch SB Dance in creation with dancers, actors, and lights.

Jan 24th: totem & Taboo Live music | 10pm | $5 Suggested donation
SB Dance's favorite band takes the stage to blast the Blackbox.

Jan 25th: The Little Beast of SB Dance Sat | 8pm Drinks & 8:30 Show
Join us for a drink and a behind-the-scenes jour ney into SB Dance’s laboratory, full of stories and insights about this outspoken, innovative, and controversial group of artists.

Tickets For the Little Beast
801-355-ARTS or
Performance | $15-$20* (includes 2 beverages)

Buy before 1/10/14 for over 25% off
Strange Angel: 6 or more tickets for 30% off MUST CALL

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