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SB Dance (aka Sweet Beast Dance Circus) is an award-winning arts group known for surprising range and innovation. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which provokes comments along the lines of "What are you doing here?" Luckily, there are lots of people who don't fit the Utah mold and they include our performers, a loyal following of hard core fans, a generous and active Board, and many individuals, foundations, businesses, and public agencies. Together, we thrive in this unlikely home.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit since 1998, SB Dance is a resident organization of the Salt Lake County Rose Wagner Center and has been rewarded with a NEA Grant for New Choreography and the Salt Lake City Mayor's Award.

SB Dance engages the community with original work that combines movement, drama, and object. Our mission includes encouraging people to think for themselves and provoking curiosity about art and the artistic process.

Program areas
NEW CREATION is the company's primary focus. We have productions in June, October, and January. Dancers, actors, musicians, moving objects-- dance circus is the best description. In this corner of the nation, SB Dance holds the distinction of being the only regularly-producing single artist creation shop-- that is, an arts organization dedicated to producing the vision of a director's artistic team. Our audience gets a pure hit of innovation, unfiltered by third parties.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT programs include the Cultural Confidential conversation series,The Sugar Show, an annual showcase of emerging artists, and social activities throughout the year.

ARTS LEARNING at SB Dance focuses on theater art as a way to develop thinking habits.





















































1) SB Dance Board
2) Directors
3) Current Designers and Performers
4) Past Designers and Performers

SB Dance Board
Tamara Gibo, President
Kade Clark, Treasurer
Cole Adams
Lou Borgenicht
Johna Brehms
Brent Godfrey
Chandler Lund
Erica Marken

Osman Sanyer
Billy Stern
Tracey Thompson

Stephen Brown (Director, choreography, writing)
Stephen is a theater artist who, like other artists, has survived by developing offstage competence in operations and management, production, and education. He likes poking around new territory without a map and that inclination explains many of his successes and some of his flops.

Details: After his freshman year in college, Stephen dropped out to become a dancer. He adored the mix of athleticism and ideas and was soon performing with diverse modern companies in New York and the West. He landed his dream job with a hot dance-maker named Mark Morris and was promptly disappointed with being a figurine in the great craftsman’s glockenspiel.

Fast forward: Dropped out of dance to get a BS at Columbia University, Summa Cum Laude; worked in a fruit fly research lab; back to dance instead of grad school; wandered the country performing, choreographing, and living out of a duffel bag; and started his own dance company, determined not to reproduce the glockenspiel model.

Present day: Stephen's current work uses actors, storylines, dancers, original and live music as often as possible, and lots of objects. It embraces an off-beat sense of humor, an affection for taboo subjects, and a terrific team of performers and designers, some of whom have been collaborating with Stephen for over 15 years.

Stephen serves on the Board of the Performing Arts Coalition, where he has been President since 2007 and the Utah Arts and Cultural Coalition. Most recently, he has taught at the University of Utah's Honor College.

Stephen hits the trails by foot, tread, and board as often as he can. He is married to a beautiful and hugely tolerant wife and has two young daughters nicknamed Evil and Beast.

Carolyn "Winnie" Wood (Associate Director)
Winnie has had a long and complicated career in the performing arts. After graduating in 1976 with a BA in Theatre and Dance, she began a long association with the Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City. In 1980 she was a founding member of Dance Theatre Coalition. Winnie wrote and performed radio comedy for DesertAire, heard on KRCL once a month for ten years. She has acted and danced in, directed, choreographed and produced theatrical producions in the Salt Lake area for almost 30 years. In 2001 she received one of the Mayor's Artist of theYear Awards. She served as President of the Performing Arts Coalition and was instrumental in the completion of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. Currently, Winnie is on the faculty of the Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

After being an unofficial mentor of SB Dance for several years, Winnie officially began working with the company as director for the 2010 production of Yoga Confidential. In 2012, she was named Associate Director.

Current Performers
Nathan Shaw (dancer)
Nathan dances for RDT, RawMoves, and has appeared in several theater productions for SLAC and the Egyptian Theater. He promises his mother that it’s all in the name of art and believes that, mostly, it is.

Juan Carlos Claudio (dancer)
Juan Carlos Claudio danced for Ririe-Woodbury for over 10 years and is an Assistant Professor-Lecturer at the University of Utah’s Department of Modern Dance. His heart belongs to Puerto Rico, but his ass is owned by Utah's world of dance. He first began performing with SB Dance in 1999.

Christine Hasegawa (dancer)
Christine was a full-time dancer in a previous life, before becoming a nurse. After a six year break, she joined SB Dance again, a sorceress of impossible ideas and lifts. A princess of powder and about everything else that allows mountain movement.

Annie Kent (dancer and actor)
Annie loves physical theater, studying and working with Camille Litalien before landing on the alien planet of SB Dance. Annie is also a yoga teacher and proprietor of The Parlour Movement, an event space in downtown Salt Lake.

florian Alberge (dancer and actor)
Coming soon

Dani Diaz (dancer)
Coming soon

Payden Adams (actor)
Yeah, soon

Liberty Valentine (dancer)
Dancing for many years with Ririe-Woodbury, Libby has also been a part of SB Dance since Waltz of the Dog-faced Boy in 2000. She’s a visual artist, videomaker, choreographer, manager of Washington Square Cafe, and proprietor of the Clock Tower Catering.

Current Designers
Jess Greenberg (lighting and production)

Stefanie Slade (lighting and production)
A devoted believer in theater, Stefanie Slade finds herself seeking a balance between blur and precision. She keeps involving herself in projects that push her every direction. She considers her involvement with SB Dance to be part of her pilgrimage. She wants to start a cult but can't think of a good name yet.

Victoria Hindley (visual media advisor)
Victoria is a program director in the arts as well as an artist, writer, and independent curator. She works primarily with photography, language, the book form, and in collaboration with others. A gifted teacher, Victoria instructed for several years at the Transart Institute in Berlin and New York. She first began working with SB Dance in 2001 on Frank's Ticker and continues to contribute ideas about all things visual.

Craig Berman (rigging and objects)
Craig danced for several years with Momix and
then originated and starred in the roles of Sgt Pepper and The Queen for Cirque du Soleil's Love. Living in Las Vegas, he is an elite-level climber and full-time physical therapist but remains involved in creation for his own projects and with SB Dance.

Selection of Past Designers and Performers

Genevieve Christianson
(singer, actor)

Dan Larrinaga
(actor, singer)

Jeffrey Price
(composer, arranger, musician)

Totem & Taboo (band )


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