Welcome to the greatest, most astounding aggregation of theatrical marvels, feats, and monstrosities that ever visited the New World. Ladies and gentlemen, no waiting, no delays. Step right up and enjoy the show...

Shows and events

This Beast is bred for no-holds-barred creative rampage. We blend theater, movement, and object into work that oozes with irreverent humor, poignant drama, sensuality, athletic feats, strange beauty, and naked reality. It's hard to describe, so we made up a name for it: dance circus.

The Beast loves merriment. We think a good production begins before you walk in the door and ends long after you leave. Our shows offer a night out on the town where you can order a drink at the onstage bar and meet new folks. Food and drink events take place at the theater and off-site locations and usually involve stage performances, wandering acts, and installations.

Our 2015-16 season

October 30th: All Saints Salon invite-only installation
January 16th: WTF! Wine Theater Food boutique party plus silent auction & dancing
January 23-30th (Sundance): Box Bar creations, libations, live bands
June 3-19th: New Creation our annual Big Kahuna production
July 7th: Eat Drink SLC summertime social at Tracy Aviary
BONUS: Soirees wine tastings, garden parties, & special events year round

(Fair warning: Sweet Beast sells out regularly. So ya snooze, ya lose.)

Sweet Beast needs YOU

We work hard for the money. Yet our outspoken art can only exist with your generosity. Make sure its alternative voice continues to be available for your enjoyment and for the benefit of others in your community.

We invite you to feed the Beast by becoming a Season Member or having your business or group of friends become a Season Sponsor.


Sweet Beasties kick ass onstage. These peculiar theater organisms have been studied over many years by photographer John Brandon. He adds to his collection every month.

Who We Are

The Beast is fueled by a core group of performers and designers. Supercool guests join from time to time. We work fast, tight, with little hierarchy, lots of camaraderie, and a strict no assholes rule.

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